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The Sound Carpets                                                                                   Trading Topographies of Memory

(Munich, Montreal, Jerusalem)

Interactive sound-fibre installation, collaboration with Anna Biro

“...People were born on carpets, prayed on them, and covered their tombs with them. For centuries, carpets have been a currency and an export, among the first commodities of a globalized trading system," writes author of The Carpet Wars Christopher Kremmer (2002, p.40).

Sounds and voices of one city are soaked up by carpets then ‘traded’ to another city, another country. The sounds gradually stain the carpets to become a layered conversation across boundaries of culture, place and time. A ritual of trading Carpets between cities is established. Their soundscape creates a topography of memory of cultural narratives, becoming the carpet trading value.

Walking or sitting on the carpets triggers specific sound frequencies in different locations, unfolding an acoustic poetic thus accumulating over time. Specific frequencies manifest as harmonics of the fields of the human body to induce harmonizing changes to the urban field.

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